Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This means WAR!

Good Bye Blondie! You will always be a dear Hen!

 Sad day at our house, this morning we discovered, even after careful counting and night time perimeter check, that one of our sweet fluffy Buff Orpington's was claimed by some night time marauder!

 We think the offender climbed over the top. The victim may have been under the Ark itself, that's how we missed her, sad day. We will miss you Blondie!

 We have 9 hens left, we thought putting them away would be enough, but now we will bring on the traps, the boys weapons, and possibly a night time vigilante!


  1. Yip, those little coons are so cute until they eat your pet and take the eggs, my dad's two dogs are coon dogs and at first you are sad until you remember what they did to your hens! good luck.

  2. Harriet sagt:
    Mach sie platt. Moses Gesetz. Mein Segenhast du!!!

  3. Nancy, Mom, you both commented on my Blog! I am going to have to give you both a prize! Thank you to both of you for permission and full support. I am feeling very powerful right about now!